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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

DEAR MOMENTS OF FOCUS: My boss doesn’t allow cell phones at the office, but that seems unreasonable in the 21st century. How could I change his mind about this?

DEAR CELL PHONE USER: I completely understand how it seems unreasonable in the 21st Century that a company would not allow cell phones to be used or even brought into the office. However, because we are in the 21st century, smart cell phones can bring technology into an office that is more detrimental than beneficial. Many industries prohibit cell phone usage due to privacy and proprietary regulations surrounding the camera phone and video recording capabilities. Other companies are starting to consider a “no cell phone” policy due to the wasted hours of productivity that are caused by constant text messaging and social media activity occurring on the company’s time and dollar. I would not advise you to try to change your boss’s mindset about the company’s ruling over this matter entirely. I would however suggest that you have a conversation with him so that you can truly understand his position and reasoning behind the policy. After hearing him out, ask him if he will consider or allow for special circumstances.

Some companies will consider and make special provisions for employees who have small children or other extenuating circumstances. Companies, however have the right to take the same stance as they did years ago prohibiting personal phone calls.

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