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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

DEAR MOMENTS OF FOCUS: I’m 62 years old and make a good salary, but I’m not

happy in my position. Should I bother finding another job?

DEAR SEARCHING AT 62: I can imagine how it could be bothersome finding a new job after you have had so much experience and have settled into your position. The thoughts of having to go through multiple interviews, rigorous trainings, working with new teams in new environments, being faced with new hours and dealing with the possibilities of age discrimination are a lot to think about when considering a new challenge. However, happiness is always worth searching for. Considering the fact that you already have a well-paying job, you have nothing to lose in looking.

The following are three trains of thought on this matter:

  • If you go to work for the money, it helps to maintain your lifestyle and you are not happy in your position then the answer is yes, you should definitely find another job. You may have to work for a few more years, so in the long run the happiness you will obtain in the right position will be worth the hard work and determination that it may take to find and settle into a new job.

  • If you don’t necessarily need the money but go to work because you like to contribute to the benefit of a great team, the answer is yes. You should definitely find another job. It is hard to contribute to a team when you are not in a place that you enjoy spending your time.

  • If you do not have any connections or networking groups who can help you to find a new job and the thought of pushing through the process of interviewing and trainings will be more stressful than staying on your current job, I would suggest that you stay in your current position, focus and prepare for retirement and find happiness in your time spent outside of the office.

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