Program Overview

Our Intern to VP ® Professional Branding and Leadership Development Training Programs prequalify young adults to excel in their prospective careers before and as they enter into the workforce. Taught from an executive viewpoint, students learn how to have the proper perspective for obtaining any position in industries across the board. They are provided with training on how to fully maximize their opportunities and are prepared for the “Executive Track of Their Field.” We provide tools, tips and on the spot consulting services that are parallel to those taught through the Moments of Focus corporate training program. Participants learn how to develop and present their brands as well as the significant effect that critical thinking, research, proper communication and traditional, social & cross-divisional networking can have on their success. They are given stepping-stones towards success as they learn how to scale the ladder from an entry-level position to becoming a company leader and/or executive.

Corporate, University & Community Programs

Young Professional Program

Intern to VP® How To Make Your Opportunities Work For You


High School Program

Intern to VP®, Youth in Business Conference


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