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Discover the Brand of YOU™

An Executive, Entrepreneurial, & Professional Development Program




Discover the Brand of You™ is a uniquely designed Professional Branding and Leadership Development program that offers coaching and training at every level.  Our programs are tailored and provided for senior-level executives, entrepreneurs, managers, staff associates and young adults.  Our clients learn to develop and/or take their professional brands and businesses to the next level, redefine their purpose within their positions, create legacy plans, utilize influence at a more expansive level, identify strategic partnerships for growth strategies and become more business savvy in the midst of continual organizational changes. This course demonstrates the impact of brand delivery. 

Corporate Programs

Executive, Management & Professional Brand Development

Small Business and Entrepreneurial Services

  • Corporate Brand Development

  • Executive Brand Development

  • Staff Development

Professional Services

  • Brand Development for Everyday Professionals

  • Individual/Group Coaching Sessions

  • Community Programs

University Programs

  • The Freshman Orientation Program

  • The Pre-graduation Program

  • Special Events

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